Monday, 26 October 2015

Harvest Monday - 26th October 2015

Until I sat down to write this post I didn't think I had a lot of harvesting to report on this week. I soon changed my mind...

Lots of the chillis are ripening now.

Most of my chilli plants are under cover now, some indoors, some in the garage and some in plastic greenhouses. This means that they are managing eventually to ripen their fruit. Outside, unprotected, they would be struggling.

In the photo below are Blondie (white), Aji Limon (yellow), Indian Chilli Bullet (red, centre), Scotch Bonnet Caribbean Antillais (red, foreground), Brazilian Starfish (green, turning orange then red!) and Bolivian Rainbow (formerly purple, now red).

I made the chillis into a sauce, along with some onions, garlic, ginger and a spice mix similar to that which I used the other day for my Harissa - coriander, cumin and caraway. I roasted the ingredients in a medium-hot oven until they went soft, and then blended them to the right texture in the food-processor. I had to add a little water because I felt that the texture was a bit too firm.

Here's the finished product:

We haven't had any frost yet, so the salads are still going strong. Yesterday I picked more Endive and Lettuce:

My very last pot of potatoes came up too:

Aren't they pathetic? And not very pretty. They are Sarpo "Axona". These are the only ones that have had any significant amount of Scab. To be fair, they were planted very late and into a pot of second-hand compost.

The Carrots are a bit more impressive:

These ones are "Early Nantes". Most of them are straight and even (though several are short and dumpy).

This one however thinks it is one of those "Paris Market" carrots.

And what about this little beauty?

Unfortunately it was not useable. If I show you the other side you will see that it was badly split.

Well, that's my harvest for the week. Why not go on over to Dave's blog Our Happy Acres and see what everyone else has put forward for Harvest Monday...


  1. It's a great harvest, especially as things start slowing down at this time of year but you've still got things going strong.

  2. Nice Monday harvest...beautiful peppers. Making a sauce is a great way of using the peppers!

  3. It's a good harvest Mark, how lovely to have so many things to pick at this time of year

  4. You have a lovely mix of colours there. No harvesting from us other than the salads from the garden this week I'm afraid. We haven't really been able to get to the plot at all this week lots of other issues to deal with instead.

  5. The sauce sounds like a great way to use chiles from the garden. I pinned you harissa recipe to try next year when I have homegrown ones. My soil pH is too high for potatoes so I get a lot of scab on mine. Yours still look better than mine, even with the scab!

  6. Your chillies are so pretty, very shiny and colorful. Just curious, how spicy is your sauce? It looks like you removed the seeds and cores, so likely not too hot.

    1. You are right: tasty, but not too hot. That's the way we like it!

  7. Very nice harvests for this late in the season. I'm also hoping to harvest my carrots soon; they will likely be the last harvest of any significant size.

  8. The shine on those chillies are amazing, I am imaging you sat down at your kitchen table with a vegetable polish POLISHING them off, but I know, that is not the case :) And home-made chilli sauce, has me quite excited. Good harvest and beautiful too.

  9. I usually like to post my funniest looking veggie but didn't have much this year. Your twisted carrot looks kind of like a partial squid / octopus. Wonderful variety of veggies still coming from the garden, well done!

  10. Happy to see your colorful chillies and all your home yield vegetables. You are doing a very good job and hard worker. I know how much effort is needed to maintain a plant since i am also growing them in my home. As you have showed carrot i have brinjal in my garden. It is two division.Have a good and tasty food...

  11. That is an amazing collection of chillis! I will be copying the way you have used your chillis. We never have much success with carrots, yours look so good. Sarah x

  12. I had spent my life avoiding chillies until last Saturday when we went out for a meal, they served an appetiser while our meal was being prepared, it was humus with chilly and garlic, I loved it, I will defiantly have a go at growing chillies next year, now I know I love them.


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