Friday, 9 October 2015

Flowers welcome and unwelcome

Most of the flowering plants in my garden have finished for the year now.


Any little splash of colour is welcome, so this is definitely a welcome flower:

At this time of year my white rose bush (variety unknown) usually produces a new flush of blooms. The Autumn blooms tend to have a very pronounced pink tinge to them, whereas the ones in high Summer are completely white.

The Pelargoniums are surprisingly also putting up one or two more flowers. I had thought them finished some weeks ago. So this is another welcome flower.

This however is an unwelcome flower:

Regrettably, some of my Leeks are bolting. I must say that I'm not really surprised. For the last three months or so they have just sat there doing nothing, and not getting any bigger. However they have now produced some pretty impressive 'scapes'.

Once this has happened, the leeks are more or less worthless. I know from experience that they will have a tough core which makes them unpalatable. Possibly they might be used to add flavour to a stock?


  1. Such a shame about your leeks, they were impressive last year. Just goes to show that no two years are ever the same where gardening is concerned.

  2. When it comes to roses, a light blush of colour on a white rose is a beautiful. I'm wondering if you can save seed from those bolted leeks to use next year.

  3. I have heard that you can cut them down and they will come up again as new ...I have not tried it myself...but if you were going to throw them out anyway might be worth a try ...I also agree with Margaret about saving the seeds ....the bees will thankyou for the late flowers too .

  4. I am always grateful for anything that is still in flower at this time of year - I even have some sweet peas still flowering! One of my leeks has bolted too - I thought it was because it has been such a dry autumn.

  5. That's too bad about your leeks. You've been waiting so patiently for them! Take joy in your flowers. We've had a few very out-of-season reblooms on our lilies and daisies. They finished months ago. It's nice to have them return for one last hurrah.


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