Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Autumn colours

This is what most people think of when "Autumn colours" are mentioned:

On the other hand, this is what I think of:

Yes, it's a Dogwood leaf. Regular readers will know that I am very fond of Dogwoods, and have several. The leaves on this one are at present almost coppery.

There aren't many berries this year, for some reason.

Of course not all Dogwoods produce red leaves. This one has "Tiger stripes":

As well as the Dogwoods, the Blueberries are always good for a bit of colour at this time of year:

It's also the time when the Callicarpa loses its leaves and the berries become the predominant feature:

The Cotinus has had a hard time recently. It nearly died last year, but this year it has recovered a bit. The foliage is not as impressive as normal, for this reason.

This bush is scheduled for some major surgery in the Spring!


  1. There's some lovely colour around at the moment. My blueberries turned red a while ago but I was still picking fruit from them last week, very late this year.

  2. You have some beautiful fall colours happening in your garden. We have a tree on our hilltop that forms some gorgeous red berries - they really stand out now that the tree has lost most of it's leaves. Funny thing is that until I planted up the hilltop, I had never noticed this. I'm wondering what other surprises I'll find now that I'm spending more time up there.

  3. Nice colours Mark, I must check in our garden and see what is happening, is the bottom photo a smoke bush? We have just bought one.

  4. For a fleeting few moments autumn colours are really beautiful. But then we have the interesting tree shapes to appreciate during winter.


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