Monday, 19 October 2015

Harvest Monday - 19th October 2015

Although we are more than half way through October now, there are still plenty of harvests coming in.

I pulled up another big batch of lovely Carrots. These ones are all "Kelly", an experimental variety, with which I have been very impressed. If it is available for next year, I shall certainly buy some more seeds.

I have harvested loads of carrots from this bed, but there never seem to be any less! As fast as I pick them the Carrot Fairy puts more in their place!

This was definitely the very last batch of Runner Beans because the plants have now been taken down.

It's not a huge number of beans, and some of them are rather poor specimens compared with some of the earlier ones, but they are still OK and certainly enough for a 2-person serving. It has been a good year for Runner Beans. I think I may well grow "Enorma" again.

Quite a lot of chillis have ripened, and I have stripped the fruit off several of the plants prior to disposing of them. Having made that big batch of Harissa the other day, I have put most of the recently-picked chillis into the freezer to use on a later occasion. As you can see, some of them are not ripe, but they will get there.

I'm still continuing to harvest Lettuce as and when required, even though I lost four of them this week as a result of the nocturnal badger / fox diggings. This one is a "Devin".

There have been a couple more little pickings of Raspberries. I am getting this amount every 3 or 4 days:

This is my entry for Harvest Monday, hosted by Dave at Our Happy Acres. Please do drop by and see what other gardeners have been harvesting this week.


  1. Wow ! Thats a beautiful lettuce .I always grow Little Gems and a Romaine cos lettuce ..hmmm I might look out for Devin,,if that is a washing up bowl then that is a whopper of a lettuce !

  2. Your carrots have done really well this year, I definitely think that a raised bed is the way to go with them, it makes giving them the growing conditions they prefer easier. You've got a nice selection of chillis as usual, I'm sure the under ripe ones will soon colour up now they're in the warmth.

  3. Your carrots have done well - your right the amount picked never seems to diminish the crop left behind.

  4. I wish you would send that carrot fairy over to my house - my carrots could use a good wave of the wand to size up! Those raspberries are lovely too - I'll have to check to see if I have any on the canes that may have escaped our frost.

  5. I love the idea of a carrot fairy. It's such a shame that the ^ fairy can't control slugs

  6. Those Kelly carrots do look nice. Too bad about your nocturnal garden raider. Here the raccoons and opossums are bad. They kept our blackberry bushes cleaned of fruit this year.

  7. I wish the carrot fairy had sown some seeds in my garden this year. :) Those carrots look excellent. And the lettuce fairy wasn't any help either, all my lettuces bolted while I was away for one week, I was shocked to see them when I got home because there was no sign of bolting when I left. The runners look really good for end of season beans. And raspberries still, how wonderful.

  8. A superb harvest. Everything looks top notch!


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