Wednesday 2 April 2014

Shoots + leaves = eats!

Do you remember that book called "Eats, Shoots and Leaves" by Lynn Truss? (surprisingly not a book about gardening but about English grammar, punctuation etc). The title of my post today is inspired by that book. Don't be too critical of my grammer and spellig please...

Lots of edible shoots and leaves are popping up. Like this rapidly-expanding clump of Wild Garlic, for instance:

And these young shoots of Golden Hops

They are supposedly edible, but I've never plucked up the courage to try them.

Then there are Rhubarb leaves, like this flamboyantly-coloured specimen:

Rhubarb "Victoria"

It was completely red when it emerged from the ground, but now that it is in the light it is gradually turning green.

I can't resist posting more pics of the PSB, the edible flower par excellence (Sorry, Sue!):

This one is "Red Arrow"
 The different types produce shoots that are often markedly different. Look at the difference between the tight "lollipop" shaped spears of "Early PSB" and the rather looser ones of "Red Spear":-

This one is "Early Purple Sprouting Broccoli"

This is "Red Spear"
This reminds me, I must have a close look at my Leaf Celery plants. I transplanted a load of tiny seedlings into some pots the other day, and hopefully it won't be long before they are big enough to plant out in the garden (and harvest a few leaves from).

P.S. I'm commuting to/from London this week, so it's early starts and late finishes for me, which means I don't have much time (or inclination!) for blogging, so I haven't been visiting many blogs or leaving many comments. Back to normal in a couple of days, I hope.


  1. I remember the book, my son has a copy who quite happily pulls me up on my lack of grammar. Very jealous of your PSB none for me this year.

  2. I closed my eyes as I scrolled past the PSB photos. :(

  3. That psb is so pretty. I love purple veg.

  4. Shop bought PSB loses it`s colour when steamed, does yours Mark?

    1. David, yes it does. It goes green when cooked.

  5. Never heard of the book. I have never tried hops. I have chickweed here that is supposed to be edible but I have not dared try it either. I let the chickens have it instead. :)

  6. Your PSB make me so jealous. I failed on growing PSB on my first planting. I have to learn more

  7. Wild garlic time again already. I've never tried it before but I may forage for some this year, I've got a couple of recipes I'd like to try.


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