Thursday 24 April 2014

Peas - the end is in sight

These are the peas that began life on my windowsill in December, finally reaching the flowering stage:

The tendrils which meant these peas were little use as peashoot material are being put to good use, as you can see.

This is how I initially envisaged the peas being used - in theory a few days after this photo the shoots should have been ready to eat as a salad ingredient.

20 December 2013

This is what actually happened. They got planted out into big pots and "sent into exile" in the garden (though I did relent a bit and give them the protection of one of the mini greenhouses).
04 January 2014

The plants have not got very tall - perhaps 2 feet:

The plants in these two pots are evidently not going to produce a big harvest, but they look pretty good. I just wish there were more like this:-

It will be really ironic if they turn out to be prolific and delicious, because I might then have to rescind my decision to give up growing peas!


  1. The look happy. Peas here are pretty easy to grow. Sometimes I'm surprised by what grows well and what doesn't. It is just so different from my last garden.

  2. They will be a tasty treat. I haven't got my peas planted yet.

  3. I have sugar snaps growing in troughs outside and doing well - I have kelvedon wonder growing in the ground and doing well - but the ones in pots in the greenhouse have all been dug out by the mice and have disappeared as have the courgette and squash peas - so frustrating? Your peas are doing well but you need to grow a lot don't you to get a decent meal out of them - or at least lots of repeat sowing. p.s. That shouldn't' read squash peas but squash seeds.

  4. I don't like peas but have two types for Mike to eat from the pod. It will be interesting to see how your peas do in the end.

  5. Well I would never have thought of growing peas in December! Just goes to show! I rather like them in their little pots, perfect for a balcony harvest. I always thought peas grew really tall and have been surprised by the shorter varieties (I grew Kelvedon Wonder a couple of years ago). I haven't bothered in recent years but this year just decided to give peas another go - I've planted out Golden Sweet Mange-tout last weekend (lovely for stir-fries) and have a tray of shorter peas ready to go out when I get a chance to get into the garden. Shouldn't take long but I also have tons of seed sowing to do! Looking forward to seeing what you do with your harvest!

  6. I bet they WILL be delicious. The mos delicious peas ever!


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