Saturday, 15 March 2014

Sweet Peas

The other day I wrote about pinching-out Sweet Peas, and today I want to show you the effect it had. When you pinch out the growing tip of the plant, it diverts its energy into producing side-shoots lower down, like this:

Some of the plants are now quite bushy, which is apparently what I should be trying to achieve.

The theory is that if a Sweet Pea plant has a number of shorter, sturdier stems (as opposed to one tall thin one), it will produce more flowers. I'm looking forward to that!

I have about 36 plants I think, so by rights I should be inundated with flowers. I just need to provide them with the right growing-space. I'm still contemplating how to do this...

This is the first, smaller, batch.  The second batch has 20 plants.

For the record, my Sweet Peas are "Fragrantissima" (sowed 1 Dec)  and "Spencer Mixed" (sowed 12 Jan).

Who else has Sweet Peas on the go at present?


  1. I sowed sweet peas last Thursday, so not much to show there. I also sowed parsley, basil, chervil, cilantro, dill and various flowers, like Belle de Nuit (translation by the net gave me marvel of peru, four o'clock or mirabilis....take your pick ;)), sunflowers, capucine (nasturtium). For the time being they are inside the house. I'll have to post some pictures on my FB page when the time comes.

    I have been very daring yesterday as I bought some salad plug plants. I'm sure I'll regret this, but the weather has been so nice and sunny (and polluted...) since end of February, that I couldn't resist. I will plant them out tomorrow.

  2. You'll be kept very busy cutting all those flowers to keep them in production. You really are getting into flowers aren't you?

  3. You will be inundated with flowers, alright. But that is a problem anyone should have! Actually, if sown in the ground in autumn one does not have to pinch them. But in pots as starts it is a very good idea.

  4. You should get an awfully good crop of flowers from those plants. Growing great guns I must say! A fav of mine actually, so much so that I had to go to Wem when in England a number of years ago, the home of the sweet pea. Link here: Graham Rice has an excellent book called The Sweet Pea book by the way. Can't wait to see photos later in the season.

  5. Reread your older article on "pinching-out"... interested to see how the sweet peas fair.

  6. I've got plenty of sweet peas on the go. I pinched out the tips too so I am hoping for a great display this year.

  7. I loved growing sweet peas until I realised I was allergic to the scent when I brought the cut flowers indoors. I've been told to lay them down once they reach the top of the canes so the subsequent growth back up the canes is stronger. Just what I've heard not tried and tested. There are a couple of top sweet pea growers local to me, it can be quite competitive I think!

    1. That technique sounds too "professional" for me! I saw it demonstrated on one of the episodes of ?The Great British Garden Revival.

  8. Good luck. I've never grown sweet peas, but I keep hearing how fragrant they are. I so love fragrant flowers.

  9. Ahh...I knew I should have gone to buy sweet peas today but I got distracted.
    When I do plant them I'll take you advice.
    I can almost smell them already ;D
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  10. I grow sweetpeas every year, I'll definitely try out that technique!


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