Monday, 25 November 2013

Harvest Monday - 25 November 2013

This is my weekend harvest basket (with the days being so short I haven't been able to do any harvesting or gardening during the week).

Stars of the basket were the Parsnips. Although the five roots varied in size a lot, I think three of them were very respectable. The biggest one weighed just over 300 grams. And no wierd shapes this time, either!

The head of  Broccoli was quite nice too - not big, because "Matsuri" is a miniature variety, but it tasted good (made into Broccoli and Stilton soup).

The Cavolo Nero is doing well this year. The leaves developing now are smaller than the earlier ones, but they are very clean, with very little insect damage. I'm picking individual leaves rather than whole heads, which spins out the crop for a lot longer.

Unusually for me I have a fair bit of nice Parsley on the go at present, so I'm using it as often as possible.

This is what the Parsnips looked like after being washed:

Now, I wonder if we have any goose fat in the fridge... Parsnips roasted in goose fat are SO delicious!


  1. Those parsnips look great, nice and straight and a good size too.

  2. The parsnips look fab Mark, I must steal a look at mine in case I have to make plans to buy some for Christmas.

  3. The parsnips are stars - we have just dug up our first and one was a weird shape - will find out what they taste like tonight at dinner!

  4. I really need to plant parsnips. Those look so good.

  5. I think I have to try plant parsnip in my garden. Look so interesting. I have to looking for the best variety that adaptable to hot and humid weather. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Endah, I'm afraid I have no recommendations for varieties of Parsnip to grow in your tropical conditions. I think Parsnips are definitely cold-climate vegetables!

  6. Great harvest for the end of November!

  7. Those parsnips are huge! They also look very uniform, which from the vast number of parsnip harvests I've seen on blogs lately, is something very hard to achieve.

  8. Lovely fresh greens. I always pick our cavalo nero leaf-wise too, rather than taking the whole head. The plants stand all winter and keep producing fresh leaves. Love your parsnips too, we'll start harvesting ours for Christmas - if the ground isn't too hard to dig them!


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