Monday, 11 November 2013

Harvest Monday - 11th November 2013

I don't have much to show off this week. However, the Brussels Sprouts are still going. The individual sprouts of this variety ("Brilliant F1") are really nice - quite small, but very firm and very tasty:

On Saturday I picked some more Cavolo Nero and a few more "Aji Limon" chillis and "Sungold" tomatoes.

During the week we had another batch of mixed Lettuce, which went well with meatballs and pasta in tomato sauce (the latter home-made of course).

And then there were some peppers. These ones are from a plant grown from seeds I brought back from a holiday in Turkey. I have no idea what they are (I had hoped they would be chillis!). To be honest, I don't like peppers and Jane is currently "off" them following her e-coli episode during the Summer, but maybe I'll be able to pass them on to someone who does like them.

They look more appealing like this, I think:

The trickle of Raspberries is still continuing - just a few berries once or twice a week:

That's just about it for this week, I think.  To read about some other harvests, please visit "Harvest Monday" over on Daphne's Dandelions

P.S. I nearly forgot these:

That is the "crop" from the peas planted by Lara and Holly (my granddaughters) one day when they were over here and needed something to keep them amused. Whenever they visit they always want to do some gardening - whatever the weather or time of year - so sowing a few seeds is a way of keeping them happy for a short while!


  1. Those spouts look so delicious. I do miss them in my garden.

  2. Lovely harvest. I am jealous as my brussels sprouts totally failed this year. Ah well, next year...

  3. Hi Mark.The Cavolo Nero are looking good.
    For the first time ever I saw some for sale in Booths in Kendal today (think Northern version of Waitrose).
    The Cav Nero on my plot is in it's prime now having recovered from earlier caterpillar attack,so I'm cutting the whole heads rather than leave it to become too scraggy.

  4. The last time I grew chilli peppers one plant gave us enough for three years! It's not that my plant was particularly large, just that the peppers were too hot!
    We have just had our last pick from our trickle of Autumn fruiting raspberries, they are such a useful crop.


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