Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Autumn sunshine

Just recently we have had one or two really classic Autumn days, with clear blue skies and bright sunshine, frosty first thing in the morning, but in the absence of any significant wind, very pleasant. Good conditions for photography too!

Callicarpa berries

Curly Endive

Frost-covered Cavolo Nero


Cotinus - with a dusting of frost

We were driving through the country lanes on Saturday, and everything looked really nice in the sunshine. The beech trees are especially impressive just now, with bright golden leaves. The leaves have been very slow to fall this year. By the end of November I would have expected the trees to be practically bare, but this year they are not.

The Maple tree in my garden still has a fair few leaves on it, but lots of them are accumulating in various corners:

Somewhere underneath those leaves is my miniature pond. I do try to remove a pile of leaves every few days to try to make sure that there is water available for the local wildlife.


  1. We had a very windy day last Friday which removed nearly all the leaves from my lilac, but leaves seem to be hanging on all the other trees still. I think it's been a very mild November this year.

  2. The beeches are stunning this year and I love the markings on your cotinus

  3. You are incredibly lucky Mark! Here it has been frought with winds which chill you right to the bone. Typically its that on an otherwise reasonable 5 degree day, or if it is still its only 1 degree! Very cold, thought I imagine other parts of Scotland aren't as bad, because Edinburgh is particularly windy. I'm hoping it has meant that my lovely fruit bushes are hardened to it, and it won't bother them too much.

  4. Some very lovely photography there, Mark. Callicarpa has to be one of my favourite winter plants - those wonderful purple berries! There's one just around the corner from me, also laden with berries this year although in past years it's been a bit on the sparse side. So many trees round here are just losing their leaves; I collected some wonderfully coloured rowan leaves today with similar markings to your cotinus. Amazed you've had frost already, nothing yet here ...

  5. Lovely photos, especially the pulmonaria. I'm happy to know what those purple berries are, I've seen them around, they look almost fake because of their unusual colour!

  6. Very nice photos, Mark. Did you place that leaf in the center of the pulmonaria or did Mother Nature do it?

  7. Lovely photo indeed. Callicarpa berries are so beautiful.

  8. Those are lovely Autumn and frosty photos! This is a fab time of year - even if it is quite cold at the minute.

  9. Gorgeous autumnal pics. Even here the leaves have been slow to fall...well until that arctic blast came through earlier this week.
    I really must get a Blueberry for next year!
    Enjoy your weekend ;D


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