Monday, 9 July 2012

Harvest Monday 9th July

Hip, Hip, Hooray! At last I am harvesting instead of sowing and planting.  This is the REALLY rewarding part of being a veg gardener. My post today is contrived simply to give me the opportunity to join in with Daphne's weekly Harvest Monday link-up. If you haven't yet discovered this, you simply must have a look. It's a great way of finding other interesting gardening blogs, and seeing who has produced what.

I'm not one for making detailed records of what I harvest, and reckoning-up total weights etc, but my photos provide a pretty good guide, since I do tend to photograph most of my crops.

So this is what I harvested in the past week, in pictorial format:-

New potatoes - Belle de Fontenay

Belle de Fontenay in close-up

Broad Beans, Peas and Kohlrabi

The green-podded pea varieties ("Boogie" and "Premium") have done very badly again, producing a very meagre crop. The plants have (as usual in my garden) succumbed to mildew. Fortunately, the peas inside the pods are beautifully sweet, so they are still worth having.

Peas - a mixture of "Boogie" and "Premium"

I have also picked the first of the purple-podded peas. Their plants are huge and still healthy-looking. The yield from them is going to be much better.

Purple-podded Desiree

 Although the pods are purple, the peas inside are green - a very subdued, almost greyish green.


First of the Broad Beans in close-up - Witkiem Manita

This kohlrabi is one of those that I have been growing in pots.

Kohlrabi "Modrava"

  The beetroot this year seems to have been growing at a snail's pace (No, perhaps it's best if I don't use that phrase). It has been growing very slowly - so these little ones are the first I have had.

First of the Beetroot - Boltardy

We ate these beetroots plain boiled and they were beautiful - very tender and the taste was what I describe as "earthy". Because of this I think, you either love beetroot or hate it. I love it.

Boltardy in close-up

So there we have it. Hopefully there will be more to describe next week!


  1. I'm definitely a beetroot hater. I do grow a few though. I love how they look. I just give them away when I pick them.

  2. I put the beetroot in a parcel of tinfoil with a teaspoon or two of water and roast it in the oven. Lovely

  3. Nice crop of veggies Mark, I like the look of the Desiree Peas but I'm with Daphne on the Beetroot so I will be giving mine away.

  4. Thats a great harvest, i picked some broad beans today which we had with lunch. I like beetroot roasted & served with a joint of beef.

  5. I love those purple podded peas. I had pickled beets for lunch today. Delicious!

  6. Nice to see you are finally getting some benefit from all the work. Yes, I love beetroot even if it doesn't love me (high sugar content). I like it just as you had it, boiled and tossed with butter, so you can taste its sweetness and earthiness. My wife prefers them pickled (yuk).

  7. Wonderful those beets....

  8. Those purple pod peas are lovely. Not a beet fan either, but my mom loves them. Looks like your garden is doing quite well!

  9. hi mark, i love your beetroots and your blog. you take great photos. can you please tell me how i can comment under my name? do i need to set up a google account or similiar? robyne

    1. Hi Anonymous, and thanks for persevering with making your comment. I do not know what dictates whether or not you are allowed to make a comment, but certainly becoming a Follower, using Google Friend Connect, will improve your chances of success! If you want to correspond with me, by all means send me an email (address in Profile). :)

  10. Love the purple podded peas - I must get some next year!

  11. These photos show that gardening can be so rewarding!
    So when are you setting up that market stall?
    A great must be thrilled because now you get to eat ~ enjoy! ;D

  12. You've harvested quite a lot Mark. What do you think of the taste of the purple podded peas? I always think of mildew as being a dry weather condition.

  13. What a great harvest, it's so good to hear of crops doing well this year, so many aren't. I love beetroot. I usually roast mine in some tin foil.

  14. The green and purple colors of the purple podded peas are gorgeous. Love the photo of the Kohlrab "Modrava" very artistic.

  15. Did the purple podded peas taste any different to the more traditional green?

  16. I found the purple podded peas a little more floury than our usual green ones last year, though still nice enough. And they look great in the garden (if you can see them through the weeds :) )
    We've still to harvest any beetroot yet, super-slow indeed. I'm sure it will be worth the wait though!

  17. You've just convinced me to take a look at Harvest Monday, even though I have always loved blog-hopping from garden blog to garden blog (it's that thrill of seeing what is growing by whom!). Love your beet harvest but was particularly curious about the kohlrabi grown in a pot?! I must give that one a try next year.

  18. Really nice harvest. Love purple bits!

  19. A great haul for the week Mark - no beetroot for me yet - but waiting in anticipation

  20. I'm a beetroot lover, although my favorite is the more mild flavored golden type. Lovely harvests!

  21. Busy week! Looks like you like a lot of different beans! What's your favorite?

  22. What a great looking harvest and wonderful photos! I hadn't heard of Desiree before, is it a regular shelling pea? I've grown the Bleuwshokkers before but they are soup pea and do not taste very good raw.


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