Wednesday 27 May 2015

Some colour for a change

I usually write mostly about vegetables, many of which are not particularly colourful (Yes, I know there are some exceptions!), but today I want to show off some flowers.

This is Tulip "Ronaldo", one of the three types in that "Perfect for Pots" collection from Sarah Raven.

As it has matured the colour has become darker. It is now a really deep shade of purple.

I was determined to get a photo of the inside of this flower, even though the breeze made it difficult. I used a tripod for the camera, and held the stem of the Tulip with one hand while I clicked the shutter with the other!

Did you spot the aphid?

This is Geum "Mrs Bradshaw":

I had never had a Geum before, so I wasn't really sure what to expect. Its stems have grown really tall, and it looks as if each one is going to have several blooms on it.

In its shady corner, the Wild Garlic is flowering now. Such delicate flowers, considering how powerful is the taste of the leaves!

This is an Aquilegia, grown from seeds given to me by blogging friend David Ford.

This Aquilegia is a particularly nice one, not only because of the fabulous colour, but also because the flowers point upwards rather than the usual downwards, so you can see them much better.

This is Libertia. Not so many flowers this year, for some reason, but individually nice nonetheless.


  1. That's a lovely tulip, very dark, I think it would look good with a cream or pink for contrast. I like the aquilegia, it's grown really well and such a pretty colour. My geum Mrs Bradshaw has settled in well and is blooming away. I've also got geum Koi too which is a much shorter variety and has gorgeous, bright orange blooms.

  2. I hate to say it but I love the photo with the aphid. I love seeing all the structural details. So pretty.

  3. Hey...that Ronaldo tulip sure looks familiar ;) I actually find it very strange that it is blooming in your garden at exactly the same time as it's blooming in mine. It's the last of the tulips left standing now.

  4. They all look good, I like flowers round a veg plot.

  5. I have that Tulip variety and the flowers lasted far longer than any of the others. The Aquilegia is lovely, I have a few in the garden but all have the downward pointing flowers. I am short on flowers but there will be more later, I wanted to concentrate on edibles to start with.

  6. The Aquilegia is gorgeous. As are your other photos. It actually took a while for me to see the aphid even after you mentioned it!

  7. I've. Just bought a few gems which I am looking forward to seeing in flower.


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