Monday 11 May 2015

Harvest Monday - 11 May 2015

This week I harvested the last of my PSB. It was just a handful of the small secondary spears, but welcome nonetheless:

These spears went into a risotto. I chopped the stems into 1-inch sections and kept the flowers separate. I boiled the stems until tender (about 3 minutes) and briefly added the flower parts, before draining them. I then stirred the broccoli into the risotto right at the last minute, so that it did not cook any more and thus retained its texture.

I have harvested two batches of Asparagus this week, though each was only small.

The amount of Asparagus I grow is frustratingly small. I feel I can only devote one of my raised beds to this crop, and it will only accommodate a few plants. However, the quality of the product is really good, so it is still worth growing this vegetable. Fresh home-grown Asparagus is just so much tastier than shop-bought stuff, which has probably been picked several days before you buy it.

Yesterday I picked the first Radishes of the year - a much-anticipated event!

We ate them in our usual way - as a pre-dinner nibble, with salt to dip them in. Bootiful!


  1. Those radishes are so pretty. I think I might get my first radish harvest this week. I can't wait. It will be nice to have something crunchy in the salad that isn't store bought.

  2. The radishes look amazing!

  3. My PSB has all gone to flower. I dug some of it up at the weekend and left some for the bees to enjoy.
    There is growth in my garden, but nothing that i Have planted, oh maybe the rhubarb but its not looking so good. Your asparagus is fantastic.

  4. Bootiful radishes indeed! They are so perfect. I'm having a big gap in my radish harvests, but I'm slowly working my way through the last of the ones in the fridge. They keep extremely well without their tops and if I use just a few at a time in my salads I can make them last.

  5. Shouldn't that be 11th May in your blog title! I haven't got round to planting any radish yet - note to self: must try harder. They are such a rewarding crop aren't they

  6. I'm late this year sowing seeds. My radish are still little seed sprouts! Your asparagus is looking good, my bed needs to be moved which is a shame as it takes so long to grow.

  7. Such lovely radishes! I'm really looking forward to harvesting some of my own soon - I seem to be saying that about a lot of things lately!

  8. Home grown radishes don't compare with shop bought at all. I grow them for the strong, slightly spicy flavour that you can't buy.


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