Tuesday 12 May 2015

Planting Cucumbers

Last weekend I planted out my first Cucumbers of this year, one each of "Diva" and "Mini Munch".

These are both small Lebanese or "Cocktail Cucumber" types, which I have grown successfully for the last 3 or 4 years. They seem to do well enough outdoors without the need for a greenhouse. They are however both varieties that I have not grown before. "Mini Munch" comes strongly recommended by some of my blogging friends, especially Jo at The Good Life. The seeds were kindly provided for me by Marshalls.

The Cucumber plants have gone into a big container made from half of an old water-butt, which provides a nice depth of soil / compost for them to explore:

At present I have only planted two plants, mainly because that is as many as will conveniently fit under my biggest cloche:

I'm not convinced that we have had the last frost of the year, and in any case the night-time temperatures are still only in single figures, so protection is definitely necessary.

I can adjust the temperature in the cloche a little by opening or closing the vent:

If the Cucumbers do OK I may add another couple when I feel that they can manage without the cloche. The container is easily big enough to host four of these little plants. I have three spare ones, which are currently living on the bathroom windowsill. Actually it should have been four, because I sowed three seeds of each type, but one of the "Divas" didn't show up (living up to its name, evidently!).

When the cloche comes off I will provide the plants with some canes to climb up, and pinch them out when they get to about five feet tall. That's a few weeks away still though.


  1. I don't get to plant my cucumbers until the first of the spring beds of spinach gets pulled. So that may be a while yet. I've never grown the Lebanese type. I typically stick to pickling cukes. I like them in salads and for pickles so they do double duty. I did buy Lemon for the first time though so I'll see what that ones is like.

  2. I always buy the one plat from the garden centre. Mike and Harry aren't too keen on cucumber so we give quite a few away. I hope your plants do well for you.

  3. Cucs are among the last things to go in here - and we're not quite ready yet

  4. I love trying different cucumbers & this year will be growing 5 varieties. They will hopefully be in the ground within the next couple of weeks.

  5. If it's the same I'm familiar with, Diva is a Beit Alpha type cucumber bred by Johnny's Seeds in Albion, Maine. I grew it one year and it is a good cuke, but hardly a cocktail cucumber. You can pick it small if you want but it will get as big as 7 in. (18 cm.). Mini Munch looks interesting, certainly more the cocktail size you like, but at £1 per seed too pricey for me.

  6. Our cucumbers have just germinated, Jo introduced me to Mini Munch and we loved them.

  7. I wish I could plant out the usual outdoor veg by now, hoping temperature will rise again and I can get sowing and planting outside, your veg plot is looking fab. I am growing PSB this year for the first time, inspired by your blog :)


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