Sunday 17 May 2015

Planting-out Runner Beans

Now that my second big raised bed is finished, I have not wasted any time in filling it.

 It now plays host to this year's Runner Beans, supported as usual by a framework of 8-foot bamboo canes.

I have put in 7 pairs of canes. The task was easier than usual this year, because I was able to stand on the wide timbers, allowing me to put in the horizontal top cane without too much stretching!

With the exception of those at the end of each row, each cane will support one Runner Bean plant.

Along one side I have 5 plants of "Enorma", grown from seeds bought at the Hampshire Potato Day back in January.

And along the other side I have 5 plants whose official name I don't know, but which I have called "Jed's", because they are grown from seeds given to me by my Mother-in-Law's neighbour Jed Higson, about whose shed I once wrote.

The canes at the ends of the rows will each support two French Bean plants, which are smaller than the Runners. I have some of "Kew Blue", which is a purple-podded variety:

And I have some of "Kentucky Wonder", a green-podded variety.

I have also sown some of my old favourites "Cobra" which I will try to squeeze in as well.


  1. What a very, very, very beautiful and neat structure.

  2. We haven't sown any French or runner beans yet. We are growing three types of runner beans and three types of climbing French beans this year.

  3. The bed looks great. I used to love Kentucky Wonder beans. They weren't the prettiest, but to me they were the tastiest.

  4. I'll be getting my beans in the ground very soon - having purchased new seed (I think my last batch of seeds was infected with a bacterial disease), I'm hopeful that this will be a productive and (relatively) bean disease free year.

  5. I'm growing two types of French. Those raised beds look really well and I'm sure they're a bit easier on the back.

  6. We are hoping to put in our bean frames next weekend, the garden weeding has been a bit slow this year. I live in a terraced street and two of my neighbours (two doors down on either side), older gentlemen are so organised and have their bean frames up. I haven't had a chance to ask them what beans they are growing, but I am curious. Are you planning to stick something in the gap underneath?.

  7. Wow, your raised bed with beans sure looks great! I see you are planting Kentucky Wonders, which was my mother's favorite!

  8. The bean bed is very neat and tidy. I usually try to cram a lot more plants into the same space.

  9. I'm amazed at how neat and beautifully-kept your garden is. I'll try the same in my small garden, the support for the beans, I mean.


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