Wednesday 12 June 2013


The two pink Tulips that "accidentally" bloomed in my garden were lovely while they lasted:

But (to quote a well-known sketch from Monty Python's Flying Circus) they are now ex-Tulips; they have ceased to be; they are bereft of life; they rest in peace...

I just hope they re-appear in all their finery next year.

By the way, having seen Monty Don talking about this on Gardener's World, I have now removed the heads of these Tulips to stop them trying to form seeds, and therefore to conserve their energy for next year.


  1. I have dug all my tulip bulbs up last week. They are being kept in a safe place until they can be planted again in the Autumn.

  2. Lovely colour tulip,I leave mine in the ground but do dead head them regularly

  3. I have some tulips in the front garden which were there before we moved here twenty years ago, I never lift them, deadhead them or anything, yet they bloom beautifully every year. I've got some in pots which I planted up in autumn, I'll do as Monty recommended with those.

  4. Have you counted how many times you have mentioed flowers of late?

    I was a bit puzzled when Monty said that tulips wouldn't produce good flowers the following year, WE have a clump of parrot tulip that have flowered well for years!

  5. I am definitely planting tulips in my garden, they seem to be easy flowers to grow and they look so nice.

  6. Gorgeous...don't you just love Monty? Well maybe not in your case but you know what I mean!
    Hope you're holiday is going well and look forward to hearing all about it! :D


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