Tuesday 4 June 2013

The Fritillaries make themselves at home...

The last of the Snakeshead Fritillary flowers faded some weeks ago

Since then, the seed-pods have been swelling

I'm hoping that these flowers will spread profusely. I have read that they naturalise well, so I am doing what I can to make them feel at home. When the flowers lose their petals, the stems continue to grow, and add another few inches in height, which allows them to spread their seed further than would otherwise be the case.

Eventually the curious triple-lobed seed-pods with split open and catapult the seeds over the surrounding area.

I'm fairly sure that this is one of last year's seeds which has just germinated. The seedling looks uncannily like an onion, but I have not grown any onions, so it can't be. and the seed itself looks very like a chilli seed!

In the flower-border where the Fritillaries are growing there are lots of these:

I feel reasonably sure that if I leave them they will grow into these, which are definitely young Fritillary plants.

Can anyone help me with the identification?

I'll finish my post with an arty photo, taken in bright sunlight.


  1. They certainly look like the fritillary seedlings that I raised from seed, Mark but from some reason ours refuse to reproduce in the garden!

  2. I've never seen these before, the flowers are really pretty. Hopefully you'll have lots to enjoy next year if they spread out well.

  3. You've taken me down memory lane here this morning Mark.
    I haven't seen Fritillary plants since we were last in Scotland...many moons ago.
    I wonder if they are still there waiting for us?
    It's nice to see you have some sunlight there ~ enjoy! :D

  4. I've only seen fritillaries on blogs...so beautiful! Also like your last shot...glad you included it.


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