Sunday 2 June 2013

Growing great guns

Our weather is slowly, slowly, ever-so-slowly warming up, and we are getting plenty of rain, so actually my plants are growing well. Lots of the shrubs have much more luxuriant foliage than in previous years, and many of the veggies are looking well-nigh perfect. Few of them have any of the ragged bits and insect nibbles that they normally have at this time of year. Perhaps there are fewer pests around than normal.

This bed has clumps of Parsley in the foreground, a row of Tenderstem Broccoli behind, then some Brussels Sprouts and finally the Shallots. (If the photo looks fuzzy, it's because of the netting!)

The Broccoli and Shallots will hopefully mature in July and then be cleared away before the Sprouts get too big.

The Shallots are looking particularly luxuriant:

The sets (bulbs) are splitting and forming clusters of new bulbs.

The peas have shot up about two feet in the last couple of weeks.

If you look closely, the first flowers are visible:

The Tomatoes are also looking big and healthy:

One or two of the plants have their first flowers now:

The Asparagus responds very quickly to the rain - after a rainy day a new batch of spears pops up very soon afterwards. See how many you can spot in this photo...

I'm not actually harvesting much at present, (mainly Radishes, Asparagus and herbs of various sorts), but everything looks so full of potential that I'm hoping for a much better year than 2012 was.

P.S. The blog called "Bagriculture" that I mentioned yesterday has now moved to a Wordpress blog called "Containable".


  1. I noticed flowers on my peas yesterday. The heat is bringing everything out fast. I envy that asparagus though. Maybe the patch I planted this year will work out. I hope so.

  2. Let's hope things continue to thrive!

  3. I love the peas in the pots. I am going to have to try that over the winter if I have a greenhouse to put them in.
    Your garden looks so nice. I never seem to have time enough to really work with mine ;(

  4. Next mission is for me to get liking radishes !
    The garden is turkey as beautiful as it is in the pictures.

  5. Amazing how quickly things are taking off - bit of rain, bit of sun and away we go.

  6. I have never tried growing peas in pots. All your plants look wonderful! I dare not venture out in the small garden that I have. The heat, mosquitoes and caterpillars make sure that I only spend some time watering my pots.

    Thank you for your comment on FB. I hope Blogger goes back to being its (usual)friendly self!:)


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