Friday 14 June 2013

My favourite colour combination

As most of you will know, I'm not a great one for growing flowers (though I am doing more in that area than previously), but I am very much aware of the aesthetic value of foliage. At present I am very keen on the yellow/purple colour combination.

This is it in small scale: Golden Thyme "Archer's Gold" and purple Oxalis "Burgundy Wine"

Here it is again with Variegated Sage and Purple Sage:

And here it is in larger scale: Golden Dogwood  / Cornus Alba "Aureum" and purple Cotinus "Royal Purple"

Can you get too much of a good thing?


  1. Yellow and purple are what are called complementary colours i.e. opposites on the colour spectrum and always go well together when you want a contrast.

  2. wow. color blocking as termed by fashonista. great color blocking selection

  3. A great colour combination. I bought Archers Gold thyme last year, but I lost it over winter.

  4. Lovely colour combinations Mark. And beautiful photographs, as always.


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