Tuesday 18 June 2013

Protecting my Strawberries

My Strawberry plants have lots of flowers now, and the fruits are beginning to set, so I'm hoping for a much bigger crop than I had last year. [Wow, I might get a whole one pound this time!]

These fruits are only tiny now, but I know that once they get going they ripen pretty rapidly.

I also know that if I don't protect the fruit the birds will steal it as soon as it is ripe, so I have made myself a fruit cage. It consists of three of my mini greenhouses with the plastic covers removed and replaced with a net held down by bricks and big stones:

There is enough space inside for the plants to stand well away from the net, so that little beaks will not be able to poke through and peck the ripening fruit.

It looks like an effective arrangment, but Blackbirds are devious creatures, so I'm not being complacent!


  1. A great idea. I shall have to think about netting the ones at the allotment, but I've already tasted the first ripe one from the garden, though daughter managed to get to it first so I only got a little taster.

  2. Now you're being self sufficient-minded! Great idea!

  3. Must get mine covered today! Thanks for the reminder. Yours are looking very good!

  4. don't know what's going on this year but I have such a bumper crop of strawbs too... a proper punet-full... must get them protected too... thanks for the reminder x


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