Monday 17 June 2013

Problems with the Gaillardia

My Gaillardia plant is looking sick. Although it is putting up flower stems now, many of the leaves have gone brown.

It looks almost as if the leaves are burned. I know we have had plenty of bright sunshine recently, and more-or-less constant strong breezes, but I don't think it has been that hot. I think our maximum daytime temperature must have been about 20 or 21C. And I have been very good about watering.

I have another theory. Could it be acid burn? I mean acid in the sense of Fox urine? Maybe this plant has become a territorial marker for the nocturnal animals. Do you think this is possible / likely?

Just to give you something a bit nicer to look at in this post, here are a few pictures of some young lettuces:

Marvel of Four Seasons

Green Oak-Leaf




 Pancalieri (an Endive, not a Lettuce)


  1. How odd, I'm afraid I am unable to offer any theories to the health of your gaillardia. Your lettuces are looking lovely though.

  2. Perhaps just the rain? I don't think they like water on their leaves overly...
    The lettuces do look good, a great range too.

  3. You would be able to smell if it was fox urine...
    One time my sister put on a jacket that had just been washed and line dried and went to catch a train, she kept moving carriage to get away from the "funny smell" before realising that a fox had sprayed her jacket when it was on the line...


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