Monday 10 June 2013


Many of you will know that Jane and I are supposed to be going on a cruise down the River Danube from Linz in Austria to the Black Sea.... This is a trip that she won in a competition. The recent appalling weather conditions in Europe have dumped a huge quantity of water into the rivers, which are now at record high levels and many countries are experiencing serious flooding. Parts of the Danube are closed to navigation for safety reasons. Our cruise is therefore being radically altered. Instead of sauntering sedately down the river (mostly at night) as planned, we will now be using as floating hotels a series of the tour company's ships moored in a number of different cities along the way, and visiting many of the sights by coach. OK, this is a little disappointing, but in the circumstances I think we have to be grateful that the trip is going ahead at all - and spare a thought for the thousands of unfortunate people who have lost homes, possessions - and in some cases lives - in the floods.

With the aid of Blogger's Scheduler facility I have prepared a number of blogposts which will be published while we are away (hopefully!), but if you're wondering why I'm not being interactive for a while, you now know why!

I'm sure I will have lots to write about on my return (and a fair few photos to share with you), so for the time being... "Au Revoir"!


P.S. Here are a few photos to keep you amused for the time being...

White Rose

Cotinus "Royal Purple"

Flower-buds of Hardy Geranium


  1. You will enjoy the river cruise even with the modifications to the itinerary. Have a fabulous time. We will be here when you return.


  2. Mark, what about a weekend on the houseboat in Hawkesbury River, Australia?


  3. Have a glorious and safe holiday both of you xx

  4. I'm sure you'll still have a wonderful time, and I look forward to hearing all about it on your return.

  5. Have a great holiday Mark - hope everything works out as hoped.

  6. Safe travels. Hope you'll have blue skies.

  7. Have a lovely trip. I'm particularly looking forward to your reports on the food. That part of the world should have some great eating opportunities I would have thought.

  8. Hope you have a lovely holiday, Mark; a change of plans is not always for the worse.

  9. My email notification is always a day later than when you post Mark, so I might have missed you already.
    I hope you'll have a fantastic time and look forward to hearing all about it upon your return. You're so clever and organised to schedule your posts...I really must look into that ~ some day! ;D
    As always perfect photos today!

    Bon voyage to you both....have a safe and pleasant trip :D

  10. Despite that setback, I hope you have a wonderful holiday. Looking forward to your photos!!

  11. Like hillwards I think that the change in plans might just prove to be more rewarding than the planned route. I am sure you will have plenty of photos to share with us. Happy Hols!


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