Sunday 16 June 2013


Well, after a long time of waiting, my pea plants are just about to produce their crop. A classic of bad timing, since we are going away on holiday next week!

This is the sum total of my Pea-production efforts this year - two pots, containing about a dozen plants all told:

Amazingly, since these are effectively "Rescue Peas" (having originally been intended for eating as peashoots at the age of about 2 weeks), the plants are the healthiest ones I have ever grown. I think maybe it is because of the good ventilation they get. In the past, my peas have been much troubled with powdery mildew, which I know can be exacerbated by poor air circulation.

It won't be a big crop, that's for sure, but I reckon it might score well on the VSR scale. The pots don't take up much space, and the peas are likely to be much nicer than any peas you could buy in a shop, because they can be eaten within minutes of picking.

So here we are - the first pods are visible now!

Despite having decided NOT to grow peas any longer, because of a succession of poor harvests, I think I might change my mind and repeat this method next year.

Two days later....

Those pods certainly grow rapidly!


  1. I should take more photos of my pea plants. Recently it has been raining so much I'm either hard at work in the garden or rained out. No time for photos.

  2. I bet they don't make it to a plate, they're just so delicious eaten straight from the pod.

  3. The pea flowers look so delicate and innocent. Lovely!

  4. They look great, I'm hoping my mange tout will flower soon.

  5. I hope they wait for you to come home!

  6. The pea plants look just as nice as sweet pea! I had only one pea seed germinate lol so doubtful I'll be getting much eating from peas.

  7. I remember how quickly they grow now! I swear last year I blinked and it was covered in pods. Lucky you!

  8. That's a great shot of the pea flower Mark - I have done the same with my pea plants just intended for shoots - I expect the peas will be more like marrowfat rather than ordinary peas - be interesting to see what they produce.


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