Thursday 31 March 2011

"Daddy Salad", oriental style

I am growing a batch of "Daddy Salad" (aka Baby Leaf Salad) with a difference - it is an oriental mix

It has Mizuna, with the long spiky leaves.

It has purple mustard

It has Pak Choi (centre right, with spoon-shaped leaf appearing)

It even has what I think is Greek Cress (don't ask me how "oriental" that is)

I am not intending to grow this lot to maturity. I will cut them in another couple of weeks' time, when they are about 3 or 4 inches tall, and they will be a nice tasty salad ingredient, perhaps accompanied by a dressing involving Soy sauce and chilli; maybe Seasame oil or seeds; or Corainder / Cilantro if you like that... If you don't need a vast quantity of salad, it is perfectly possible to cut individual leaves. This way you can avoid damaging the growing tips of the plants and they will produce more leaves. In my opinion this is better than chopping them off indiscriminately at a certain height - though of course this may be the only practical option if you are harvesting in quantity.

P.S. Did anyone see my post on Chicory, which went out on Tuesday? I had some "issues" with this one (involving a bit of finger-trouble on my behalf), so some of you may have seen an unfinished version of it some days ago. Nobody has made any comments at all about this post, which is a bit unusual, so I was wondering if maybe there was something that had prevented anyone seeing it...?


  1. The notice for the chicory post came up on my blogroll but when I clicked on the link it said that the page didn't exist!

  2. Same..Same as Green Lane Allotments...I've had a lot of pages that "didn't exist" in the past few days! Plus couldn't even get through to my own page last Friday :(

  3. I really liked mizuna and pak choi when I grew them.I have a mix that I will be putting in after the spinach is harvested.

  4. I love baby salad greens! I have just begun harvesting some of mine and I love seeing what you're very different but it all looks delicious! I grew pak choi a couple of seasons ago and I really liked it.

  5. I love these! Try them with mirin and sesame seeds...that's how I like dressing them the best!

  6. It is interesting to see them at their first set of true leaves. These babies look so green and healthy will give you many leaves for the kitchen.

  7. Nice looking salad - I just took the first harvest from my own version, which looks very similar, though I confess I just hack and let them get on with it... I can see your chicory post, don't remember if it came up in the email feed, it has been a very hectic week.


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