Saturday 12 March 2011


Yes, it's a difficult word, isn't it? It means attributing human characteristics to things that are not human, such as animals, plants and inanimate objects. I am using it in a slightly different way - to mean attributing animal characteristics to plants. For instance, one of my readers pointed out that this photo makes a rhubarb leaf look a bit like a dragon (assuming you know what a dragon looks like).

I now offer you this one - I reckon it looks like a pair of penguins, dancing. "OK, Mark, have you been at the Magic Mushrooms again?" you may say, but look again and I think you'll see what I mean.

Here they are again, but with the kids this time...

These are actually photos of chits or sprouts on a "Kestrel" potato. The purple tinge is authentic, by the way. That's how they are in real life.

And these are not really tomatoes at all - they are clams...

And what do you think this is???

It's actually the natural "seam-line" on a Christophene or Chow-Chow.

Is this a cross-section of a brain, or what...?

And isn't this a tropical fish of some sort?

OK, I admit it. I did edit this one a leeetle bit.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", they say, and so I believe is Anthropomorphism!


  1. Fantastic photo's. Had to take a few drinks before I could see the penguins.

  2. I could see the penguins right off...but then I am working on my second beer...

  3. Very creative. Bewitching even (a least the green chow-chow). My rhubarb was covered in snow today, crazy.

  4. I think you are fibbing big time on the Chow Chow, looks like Shrek's botty (not that I would know what that looks like either). :)

  5. I love it...especially the penguin family!

  6. I have a lemon that looks like a snail on my website too

  7. Ooo the penguins! I am so glad I can finally see again, I would not have liked to have missed out on these.

    Hee hee... bum.

  8. The chow chow is called chayote here. I always thought they looked like an old persons pursed lips. The macro pics are great, love the penguins!


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