Monday 14 March 2011

Frost and Sunshine

We have had some classic Spring days recently: cold nights and frosty mornings, but some welcome sunshine later in the day. This is what it is like in the mornings - COLD:

A frozen blob of water on a Broccoli leaf

Anyone for frozen Broccoli?

A frozen drip on a Dogwood twig

I have been wanting for ages to get some good pictures of the Crocuses, but due to the scarcity of sunshine in February and early March the flowers have hitherto been reluctant to open up fully. This week the Crocuses finally lost their inhibitions, and I got my chance.

The Crocuses finally deigned to open up fully

The tough, waxy leaves of the Bay trees have withstood the onslaught of Winter quite well, and the trees are now producing a mass of little flower buds.

Flower buds beginning to appear on the Bay trees

The Land Cress plants have been protected by fleece until about two weeks ago, so they have been able to keep producing a small but welcome supply of nice tender leaves to spice up our salads.

The Land Cress is still producing nice succulent leaves

Lots of new growth on the white Rose bush

The nodding Euphorbia flowers are beginning to open

Hopefully we will get plenty more sunny days now, and the soil will warm up, so that I can get sowing and planting. For us here in the UK, April is the busiest time for sowing, so I will have plenty to do over the next few weeks...


  1. Lovely photos Mark, especially the broccoli ones. Your bay tree looks to have weathered the winter better than ours has. I had the same problem getting a crocus flower photo

  2. I think crocuses are best in photos. They are too small in real life.


  3. The first photo looks like the body of a jelly fish in a sea of green, cool pic. Still cold this direction.

  4. Bravo, bravo. Your pictures are amazing.
    And it is nice to see your beautiful crocuses.

  5. It was so cold!! Makes one respect plants for their utter strength even more!

  6. great photos looks like the plants are waking up

  7. Oh I think those first few are my favourites out of all your photos Mark, even your rhubarb dragon. It almost makes me wish we had a frost here.

    Almost :p

  8. Great photo's Mark!!! of some equally great looking plants!

  9. Amazing pictures.:) We are growing land cress for the first time this year and are excited to see how it does for us, so it was nice to see a picture of yours.

  10. Great pictures, especially the first image, the detail is fascinating.

  11. Beautiful pics Mark. Love the crocus photos.


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