Tuesday 1 March 2011

Daffodils and Irises

Several fellow Bloggers have pointed out that today (1st March) is St.David's day. He is the patron saint of Wales, and his emblem is officially the leek, but this has in recent times been supplemented by the daffodil, and since I don't have any leeks to show you, my post is about daffodils.

Some of you will remember that a few weeks ago I wrote about using some of the prunings from a Philadelphus tree to make a little "Anti-Postman Barrier" to dissuade visitors from treading on the bulbs around the base of my Crab Apple tree...

Well, it certainly paid off, and the Daffodil flowers are just opening now. I wanted to show them to you before the last of the Irises are finished, because I think the yellow and blue colour combination is really striking. You can see the Anti-Postman barrier still in place, but I think it has done its job and I shall now remove it. I don't think anyone could miss that colourful display of bulbs, and surely even a tradesman wouldn't be heartless enough to trample them down deliberately!

 For some strange reason the bulbs closest to the driveway are a few days behind the ones nearer the house. They are all the same variety (Tête-à-Tête), but the driveway ones are older. Maybe they have lost a bit of their vigour over the years. They have been there several years - maybe as many as 10?

I now have the grand total of EIGHT Irises blooming simultaneously. Woohoo!

Not wanting to be outdone, the Cherry tree is also showing off its own ornamental girdle of supporting Crocus flowers around its gnarled old trunk:

We haven't had a lot of sunshine recently, so the Crocuses have remained steadfastly closed!


  1. I am waiting for mine to bloom, too.
    Your are so beautiful, it's nice to see some colors.

  2. Your flowers look stunning. You are spoiling your flower fans!

  3. Hi Mark, your Daffodils and Irises look so good together. I love Irises but I have never grown them myself. I'm just looking at the photo of your veg plot on your side bar it looks lovely. Roll on Summer Eh ??

  4. My daffs are nowhere near coming out so it's nice to see yours shining from your blog. Is it march already? Crikey!

  5. Oh they are really pretty Mark, and what a lovely idea. I really, really like this idea.

    How do you stop the grass at the base of the tree from taking over the bulbs? I'd love to pinch this idea for the two jacaranda trees we have right out the front of our house.

    Do crabapples fruit? They do, don't they? I remember reading Trixie Belden as a child, and she had crabapple trees, I'm sure they ate them!

  6. I love bulbs under trees. Yours are beautiful, and well worth putting up the barrier. Now I'm wondering why I've never planted bulbs at the base of my trees.

  7. Oh, it definitely looks like spring has arrived for you!!

  8. The daffodils n irises around the tree are really nice. Happy flowers!

  9. Daffodils makes me wanna dance! Love them.

  10. Got to love a daff - and massed like that you really can't avoid smiling. Lovely with the irises too. Glad they didn't get stomped on!


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