Friday 5 December 2014


The weather this week has been significantly colder - although we have not had any frost - and the garden is shutting down for the Winter. There is much less of interest to the vegetable gardener now. The Brussels sprouts are doing OK, and the PSB is growing nicely. The second batch of Leeks is coming along ever so slowly, and the Swedes seem to have completely come to a halt. I can still harvest endives and radicchio occasionally, though I have to discard many of the outer leaves of the latter, which are brown at the edges and much nibbled by slugs. Evidently slugs dislike endives, because they get nibbled hardly at all.


Around the edge of the PSB bed I have about a dozen Landcress plants.

Landcress is pretty hardy and will keep on producing throughout the Winter, especially if you cover it with cloches. You pick the leaves individually and add a few to your salads. They are quite peppery, so you don't need a lot.

Since there is little new in the way of veg for me to show off, today I'll just give you some "miscellaneous" photos...

Reflections in the birdbath

The birdbath and its "guardian"

A rather smug-looking duck enjoying the weak Winter sunshine

Leaves of Dogwood "Midwinter Fire"

One plant hasn't got the "Let's hibernate" message. The recently re-homed Rhubarb has decided to put up an exploratory leaf.

Hopefully it will realise that it is not time to start producing new leaves, and go back to sleep!


  1. We've had a frost this week, we've only had one light one before this but it's much colder now, I think winter is finally on its way. I think your little duck would much prefer to be in the birdbath than watching it.

  2. It is cold here. I woke up and it was -4C brrrr. But I've got nothing going on either. I am planning next year's garden though. The catalogs will all be here soon. So I need to know what to buy.

  3. We had a frost earlier on this week, it has got a lot colder lately hasn't it.

  4. I think I've gone a bit dormant too

  5. It's finally wet here, we just had the biggest "storm" in two years pass through, but it's still surprisingly warm for this time of year, the high today is supposed to be about 19.5C. That means the weeds are going to run amok... It's going to be such a shock when the first frost comes, to me and the garden!


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