Monday 22 December 2014

Harvest Monday - 22nd December 2014

Well, the only thing I have harvested from the garden this week was salad. Having said that, it was quite an impressive salad, even though I say it myself:

I didn't pick much of any one thing, because I wanted to have as wide a selection as possible. I managed to find lettuce, radicchio, endive, rocket, mizuna, chervil, mustard, leaf celery, chicory and land-cress.

That lovely lot provided the perfect accompaniment to some steaks we ate on Saturday.

If you haven't already seen my post about that meal, you can access it HERE.

I doubt that I will be joining Harvest Monday next week (I'm not even sure if Daphne is going to run it anyway), so let me take this opportunity to wish all fellow "Harvesters" a Happy Christmas. Relax, be happy and most importantly - eat well!

P.S. Just wanted to include this photo:

Those potatoes are cooked in the fat left over from our Roast Goose last Friday. Crispy on the outside, but still soft and fluffy inside. So good!


  1. Maybe next year we will do better with out raised bed salad bed

  2. That is a lovely salad - and such a nice mix of ingredients! And I bet those potatoes were tasty too.

  3. It's impressive that you've managed so many ingredients in your salad at this time of year. Those roast spuds look delish.

  4. I agree, that is a most impressive salad. I've had to resort to store bought lettuce since all my fall planted ones bolted early or spoiled and my latest plantings aren't mature enough to harvest yet.

  5. That is a really nice salad. And since I've started I think I've never missed a week of Harvest Monday. Even when I've had nothing to share or on vacation. When I've got nothing I really need my harvest fix from other people. Last year I had more Australians in the mix and it was so fun to watch their summer harvests come in. Fewer this year though.

  6. We are picking salads this time of year too but you have a much wider variety of greens than I have. I think I need to broaden my selection a bit next year!!

  7. I've had nothing to harvest for a while now (not even greens), but still like to check in on others with better weather than some of us. Happy Holidays!


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