Monday 1 December 2014

Harvest Monday - 1st December 2014

I have a couple of proper Winter veg to offer for Harvest Monday this time...

First: a basket of Parsnips (475g).

I am pleased to report that the Parsnips (even the weird-shaped one) tasted really good, cooked in the fat from a roast Duck!

Yes, some of those are potatoes!

I also pulled the last of my first batch of Leeks. They are big enough to need only one to provide a meal for the two of us.

Of course all my pics of Leeks probably look the same to you, so just to prove that this is not an old photo, here is the latest Leek posing alongside the best of that batch of Parsnips.

This week I'm also counting a much, much smaller harvest:

That tiny bunch of greenery is Leaf Celery which I have picked at a very young stage, to use as microgreens. You may have noticed it on the mango sambal which I served with yesterday's chicken curry:

It probably weighed about 1 gram, but what it lacks in weight is amply compensated for in terms of flavour!


  1. I might have to try microgreens this winter when I'm dying for fresh from the garden produce.

  2. I never picked celery leaf at very young stage because I am afraid to kill them, but I think I will have to try to, :)

  3. I shall be on the lookout for leaf celery leaves when I browse the seed companies

  4. Oh, you have some lovely parsnips too. I really need to learn how to grow them. Your celery greens remind me that I need to make a batch of celery leaf salsa verde, I should be able to trim just enough from my little plants to make a batch. Mango sambal and chicken curry - yum!

  5. Boy do those caramelized parsnips look delicious...and that mango sambal is inspiring me to go out and buy me some mangos!

  6. I need to give leaf celery another try. I grew it a few years ago, but then decided to grow the standard kind instead. The leaf celery was much easier to grow for me, and really just as useful for my seasoning needs.


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