Wednesday 15 August 2012

Some recent favourites

Some of my faithful regular readers will be aware that I often post photos to the website of UK Veg Gardeners, and into my Facebook album "Mark's Garden". Frequently I post photos that for some reason never appear on my blog. On this occasion I am posting a small collection of such photos that I would like to share with a wider audience. There is no particular theme - other than the fact that I like them!

Rose "Sunset Boulevard"

Ladybird Poppy

Ladybird Poppy


Lavender "Hidcote"


Runner Bean "Scarlet Empire"

Chillis "Hot Portugal" (left) and "Feugo F1" (right)
Garlic scape in B+W

The Family section.

When you say "smile for the camera!" to my granddaughters, this is what you get:-




  1. That you like them - is a very fine theme if it means you show photos like these!

  2. Cute photos. Nice to see the odd flower on display too :)

  3. Love the "smiles" and the Ladybird poppy.

  4. I remember some Ladybird Poppy seeds coming free with a magazine I once bought, I gave them away but could kick myself now that I've seen yours, they're beauties, just like your lovely grandaughters. Such cheeky smiles.

  5. Oh my gosh! What sweet grandbabies!! They're beautiful! I know they'll be future gardeners too!

    Beautiful pics of the flowers! It always fascinates me how delicate their structure is up very close. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Lovely Mark - raindrops on flowers really set them off don't they?

  7. Lovely pictures Mark - I have thousands that never make it to my blogs the same as you - I really should delete them but I haven't the heart - and as this post shows, they might come in useful one day. Holly bears a strong resemblance to you methinks.

  8. What little beauties all round! ;D


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