Friday 20 May 2011


Do you remember the post I did a couple of weeks ago in which I tested your seedling-identification skills? One of the pictures I posted was of Coriander (Cilantro).

As I wrote at the time, I do not normally grow this herb because I am allergic to it, but I happened to see some little seedlings that had volunteered themselves from a batch of Baby Leaf Salad that I grew last year, and since Jane likes it I thought I would rescue some of the volunteer seedlings and see if I could grow them on.

Initially I managed to find 7 seedlings, and I transferred them into a small pot. Subsequently I found another 3, and they went into a second pot.


  1. Very thoughtful indeed, such a nice husband!

  2. Aww! Coochi, coochi, coochi, little bubbies. Yes Jane is a lucky girl!

  3. Goodness me Mark - I had no idea people could be allergic to coriander... I hope you are careful as a guest when you tuck into home made salads - I always put some in mine!

    Aren't the little seedlings sweet? And don't they look a lot like parsley :D

  4. Looks like the corriander I started from seed at the end of Feb is starting to develop flowers. I was hoping it would last longer. Suppose I will sow more seed.

  5. My Husbands family can't stand coriander well i didn't know untill I served my Mums carrot and coriander soup the looks I got

  6. I love coriander, and was determined to grow loads this year. I had lots of healthy seedling waiting to get planted out - and then the snails found them :-(


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