Wednesday 18 May 2011

Follow that slug...!

Look at this for evidence of some crazy nocturnal ramblings!

"I think we should have turned left just back there, Dear..."
Something has had a pretty good wander around the inside of the cloche protecting my cucumber plants. It probably got confused and kept on going round and round looking for the way out! [Anyone familiar with the Hanger Lane gyratory system??] The good news is that it / they must have been so busy with the navigation that they didn't stop for a meal, since there appears to be no damage to the plants.

I was glad last week that I had bought these cloches. We had one night when the temperature fell to only just above freezing, so the cucumbers will have appreciated a bit of protection. This photo doesn't show it, but the two plants have produced their first tendrils, so they will soon need something to climb and the cloche will have to come off.


  1. Here's a crossover to Janes domain for you Mark


  2. That is a very weird photograph :)

  3. I'm inundated with slugs at the minute. Slug hunting is getting tiring. Enjoyed reading your broad bean post. Your veg beds look great and seem well protected. Kelli

  4. Hi Mark.

    I live at the top of a high street so our growing conditions couldn't be in a more urban area. I've just found your blog and it is truly insperational.

    I can only imagine what the slug inside the cloche was thinking!!

    Your plot looks lovely. Keep up the good work!

    Oh, and the brassicas look like they are doing superbly!!

    Martin :o)

  5. Nice snail trail! I guess he forgot to take a left at Albuquerque.

    I do like the idea of little greenhouse cloches to protect the young seedlings from the cool nights. I am going to have to hit the internet.

  6. I like those cloches, I've been afraid to put my cucumbers out as our temps have dipped near freezing at night as well, but it's nearing time to get them out. Slugs. Rotten slugs.

  7. The top photo is rather beautiful.

    Have you followed the lines to check just one creature made them? I have an absurd image of slugs in dresses taking part in a Jane Austin style ball, weaving in and out between each other as they dance.


  8. I hate slugs more than snails...and that is saying something! I can happily stomp on snails but I go all icky when I have to kill slugs...slimy and squixhy...Yuk!

  9. Love that cloche! CLoches have done nothing for me :( the slugs and millipedes get in up through the soil...your slug sure looked like it had fun! Did you find it...?


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