Saturday 21 May 2011

I love my new fern!

My new fern - Dryopteris Erythrosora - continues to enthrall me. It produces some new colour, shape or texture more or less every day!

The new fronds start off by being a deep bronze colour, striped with red

As they mature, the fronds turn a sort of "old gold" colour. I think that in a week or two they will turn green.

I am also pleased with the way the fern looks in the pot that I bought for it.

The chive flowers are past their best now - looking rather washed-out - but the variegated Sage is positively glowing. The yellow colour seems to have intensified over the last couple of weeks.


  1. You can't have too many ferns in my humble opinion and that's a beauty

  2. Beautiful and intriguing at the same time love the pot you have the fern in as well.

  3. That is an unusual fern! I don't recall ever seeing one like it. The pot matches the color very well indeed!

  4. Hi Mark, thanks for stopping by A Diva's Garden. I'm loving your blog and will be asking of questions, lol. Here I go, is that the "Autum" fern? I just planted 4 Christmas ferns in my shade garden. Hope they cone up, I planted the root type of ferns.

  5. Rhonda, I'm sorry I don't recognise the terms "Autumn fern" and "Christmas fern". Apart from the new one - which I bought earlier this year - all my other ones are the progeny of one "volunteer" plant which spontaneously appeared in my garden. They self-seed very readily and I have several of them now. They thrive during the Summer, but die down in the Autumn when it gets cold.


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