Saturday, 28 May 2011

Not Veg

I consider myself to be primarily a veg gardener. However, having now discovered the joys of photography I have realised that I am also keen on plants that are primarily ornamental. This post is about some of the non-veg plants in my garden at this time.

Halfway between the edibles and the ornamentals (for me at least) are the ferns. Mostly green (like many vegetables) and with no flowers as such, they are still hugely decorative. I love their symmetry.

I have planted these ones in a place where they will serve a useful purpose - screening the rather unsightly plastic tub in which my cucumbers are growing.

This fern is one half of the one I divided and re-potted in the Autumn. It looks pretty handsome to me!You'll notice that I have put gravel around it to suppress the moss.

More traditionally decorative are the Roses, the archetypical flower of the English cottage garden . This white one was in my garden when I bought the property in 1991. I don't know its name.

This is a rose called "Sunset Boulevard". Jane won the plant for me in a competition some years ago.

Another favourite of mine is the Geranium. To me it epitomises the Mediterranean. I know that I do not live in the Meditterranean area, but I have striven to create a Mediterraean effect in the patio part of my garden: Lavender, Bay trees, an Olive tree, lots of herbs - and Geraniums:

Lavender. This one is "Hidcote". Still at the tight bud stage - it will be showier in a few days' time.

Lavender, with flowering Thyme in the background.
P.S. Have a look at my daughter Emma's blog Mellow Mummy  -- it's normally about parenting and baby stuff, but this time she has written about Lara's gardening exploits. I shall have to look to my laurels...


  1. Sunset Blvd is a splendid rose. One I'd love to acquire. Great pic!

  2. Do you spray your roses? The caterpillars go to town on our buds.

  3. Your veg plot looks great and so organised. More pics of your cucumbers and info I'm a cucumber novice;-)

  4. I like the ferns, that's one plant I don't grow but would like to in some of the shady spots in the garden.

  5. Hi Meemsnyc: Yes, I do spray my roses occasionally. I have big problems with aphids. I should also spray them with anti-Black Spot stuff too, I suppose, because they also suffer from that (but they always seem to get over it).

  6. those roses are divine, Mark and as you now, I love a nice fern. I am off to check out the Mellow Mummy.

  7. I love ferns and have quite a few that have self seeded and are true to variety. The boulvard rose is a beautiful colour

  8. Pretty fern. Everytime I see your geranium, I feel guilty because we totally neglect our geranium;-).


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