Sunday 15 May 2011

Oxalis - love it or hate it?

A lot of people think of Oxalis as being a pernicious weed. This number included me until recently. The wild variety - a very resilient and invasive plant - grows wherever it can in my garden, if I let it. Hopefully now that my "front lawn" has gone, the Oxalis will be less in evidence.

I do however have one specimen of a cultivated version. It is a Burgundy Red one.

My daughter Emma gave it to me last year for Father's Day. I thought it had died in the very severe weather we had in December and January, but just recently it has decided to resurrect itself. It's not yet very impressive, but I suspect it will re-establish itself pretty rapidly.

The leaves of this plant are very beautiful - a deep purple rather than a red - with a finish that is almost metallic. Who can dismiss this as a weed???

Although the plant will also produce a mass of small white flowers in the Summer, it is grown primarily for its foliage. As you can see, I am growing it in a container, and I have no intention of letting it roam free.


  1. I think that one is very nice.

  2. Funny - I was just admiring the oxalis in my garden this weekend. Mine is a winter growing variety and has never become a pest, it confines itself to just one bed and provides the perfect ground cover for my shrubs and bulbs. Love your purple one.

  3. No sorry, its Marmite to me.... not my thing!

  4. It's just a case of - if it's in the right place it's lovely.

  5. Never seen it before... But I like it!

  6. I like oxalis. I've never seen a purple one before though.


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