Monday 16 May 2011

Broad Bean progress report

Some of my Broad Beans are getting quite tall now...  In my first photo you can see the big difference between the two rows of beans. On the right are the Jubilee Hysor, and on the left the mixed row of old Imperial Green Longpod (looking very weedy) and a few re-located Jubilee Hysor. This just shows the merit of always using new seed. The old ones (last year's seeds) had a poor germination rate, and those beans that did germinate are not good specimens. But I should also remind you that the row on the left was sown two weeks later than the one on the right, so they are not directly comparable.

The Radishes that were growing next to the beans have finished, and have been cleared away and it will be some while before the bean plants fill-out and become bushy, so I decided to make the maximum use of the space by underplanting them with lettuces and endives. Hopefully the lettuces and endives will grow big enough to be useable before the beans block out their light.

I have erected the support system for the beans too - a series of hardwood stakes supporting some lines of soft string. So far I have only attached one line of string, but as the beans grow I will add another couple. The string goes each side of the beans, providing gentle support without being too restrictive.

Finally, the anti-fox net goes back on again, draped over the stakes and weighted-down with some bricks. The little black flower-pots over the tops of the stakes prevent the woven net getting snagged on the rough wood surface.

Behind the Broad Beans, at the other side of the bed, the peas are looking strong too, and climbing vigorously up the chicken wire.


  1. Very nice Mark. Unfortunately my beans had a bit of a set back.

  2. Great support for your beans! Mine flopped over last week, much to my dismay.

  3. I only began following your blog during your garden 'down time'. It is such fun to read now that it is coming along so wonderfully. What makes me smile is the neatness and regimented lines of your garden...too many years on the parade ground! LOL

  4. And no sign of bean weevil nibbles!

  5. You making me wish that I have a go with broad bean this year. Your broad bean look very strong and healthy. I have too many new veggies to try this fall so I have to skip it maybe next year.

  6. Mark following your example I too planted peas under a support of chicken wire, and would you believe that they refuse to conform but are growing every way apart from upwards in a seemingly deliberate attempt to avoid the wire?!

    Is it that my peas don't want straight lines and support?

  7. Very nice looking garden! Where do the foxes hide out in the daytime? Are you in the countryside?


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