Friday, 6 July 2018

Plot pictures

This post doesn't have any particular theme, but I know that many of my readers are interested to hear how things are going on my new plot, and I think these photos demonstrate the state of play quite well. "A picture paints a thousand word" as they say...

Look how dry and brown the grass is!

Leeks and Cabbages flanked by Potatoes

Potatoes - note the very thin foliage.

Not only do the potatoes have flowers, but they also have seeds! I think I might have another go at growing some of these. My attempt to do so last year came to nothing, but these "berries" look really good specimens, which might do better. Look closely at the 5-pointed calyx on the one at bottom Right and you'll see how similar they look to their cousins the tomatoes.

Onions and Shallots.

Shallots - foliage is beginning to fade and fall over, so nearly ready I think.

Radishes, Parsnips and Beetroot in the "tram-lines" with Cabbages behind.

A few of the green cabbages which were so severely damaged by the pesky pigeons may eventually be worth having...

Cabbage "Golden Acre" (a very small specimen thereof!)

Runner and Climbing French Beans

Netted Brassicas, then Onions, then Spinach and Dwarf Beans.

A closer view of the Onions - "Ailsa Craig" - swelling nicely now.

I think this is a Blackberry bush. It really needs to be netted SOON! (The pigeons stole all the currants). I must ask the plot-owners again about nets. They have mentioned them once or twice, but I have seen none, and my own ones are all in use.

By the way, earlier this week I managed to harvest a few things, seen here. Beetroot "Boltardy", French Beans "Cobra" and Onions "Long Red Florence".

The Beans were given to my "landlady", but the Beetroot and Onions came home with me and went straight into this delicious salad:

I drizzled my portion with a little of our homemade red wine vinegar, which went really well. I think Malt vinegar (so often used for pickling) can easily overpower the taste of Beetroot, but the wine vinegar is more subtle.

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  1. Our potato top are nothing like they should be. As for blackberries we seem to get away without netting, however there are plenty growing wild nearby.


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