Friday 1 June 2018

Further pigeon counter-measures!

Following the recent pigeon-related near-disaster at the Courtmoor plot, I decided I had to act swiftly and decisively if I wanted to save my brassicas. I have deployed a net which I use a lot in my own garden, but which is currently not in use. I'll deal with the problem of when to reclaim it at a later date - emergencies like this have to take priority.

The net is of a type marketed as "anti-bird netting". It has a fairly large mesh size so it won't keep butterflies out, but it should deter the pigeons. I have supported it on some flexible plastic hoops that I acquired a few years ago, before I started buying the aluminium rods and Build-a-Ball set that I currently use.

Here they are, in use in my garden in January 2011...

Some of the brassica plants (e.g. the Brussels sprouts) are already quite big, so I have given the hoops at one end of the net some extra height by pushing them into some of the 40cm aluminium rods.

I haven't uprooted the damaged cabbage plants. I'm hoping that maybe at least some of them will survive. Is this too optimistic, do you think?

So, maybe this is Disaster Averted - at least for now.

I would also like to record the fact that I have a new batch of brassica seedlings coming on now.

I felt that it was still not too late to sow some replacements. I have therefore sown more Kaibroc (which was wiped out by the Cabbage Root Fly), some "January King" and "Predzvest" green cabbages, and a few more of the "red Drumhead" red cabbages. In the warmer conditions they will grow pretty rapidly, I think.


  1. The cabbages may regrow, nothing to lose in giving them a chance. We caught a wood pigeon stripping leaves off the cherry tree in our garden recently. They have always been a problem on the plot but never before in the garden. Apparently the wood pigeon population is increasing greatly so it looks as though they will become an ever increasing problem.

  2. Just to give you my experiences on wood pigeons, I've found that anything shiny that will blow in the wind will scare them off for about a week, before they get "wise" to it.
    I buy various spinners and things from poundland and move them around.


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