Tuesday 28 April 2015

The garden in Ornex

In this post I am going to write some more about my daughter Fiona's garden in Ornex, France. Yesterday I showed you mostly Tulips. Today I want to show you some different flowers, but also some other aspects of the garden.

This is an Ipheon. Small, but perfectly formed, as they say.

This is a Japanese Barberry. Lovely red foliage and lots of delicate yellow flowers.

Fiona's vegetable-patch is still mostly bare. It contains several rows of potatoes, but at present they are still below ground. Notice the Japanese Barberry plant over by the fence.

If you know where to look there are some tiny lettuces to be seen, like these "Marvel of Four Seasons".

The herbs are coming up strongly though. This is Marjoram:

This is Thyme

And this is Sage.

The amount of flower on this Currant bush augurs well for a decent harvest later in the year.

Maybe there will be a harvest of "champignons" too?

Since I last visited, Fiona has had a shed installed. I now have serious Shed Envy!

To finish today, I want to show you the view from the car-park of Fiona's local Garden Centre, Jardiland...

It's a bit more impressive than the view from ours!

I have to say though that I was not impressed by the very modest selection of seeds available, nor indeed by the very steep price at which some of them were being offered. For instance, I wanted to buy some seeds for Curly Endive and there were only four varieties available. In one case the same variety was offered by three different brands at prices ranging from 1 Euro 10 cents to 3 Euros 75 cents. Were the seeds a E3.75 really three times as good as the ones a E1.10? I also saw some packets of bean seeds (haricots verts) at prices approaching ten Euros - and I'm not talking about a 1Kg pack!


  1. I've got shed envy too, that's a beauty. I remember the previous visit which you blogged about, Fiona was just starting the garden then but it looks like she's got things going now, she's obviously inherited your green fingers.

  2. That is a lot of currant flowers. Mine have just started to show their buds.

  3. A fine looking veg plot she has there just waiting for all beans to clamber up their bean poles, which I still have yet to put up.

    I can not think of a garden centre with a nicer view.

  4. I assume because of the slightly warmer climate Fiona can get her crops in a little earlier than us. your newish little granddaughter sounds a little treasure and how nice for you and Jane to go over and have a family get together.

  5. Unfortunately we only have enough room for one shed which is Mikes 'mancave'. I have shed envy too, I would really like a little potting shed.

  6. Are you sure she hasn't bought a garage by mistake?

  7. I love the ipheion. I've never heard of that before. I think I found my new flower crush!

  8. Yes, I agree that seeds in France are very expensive! I buy my basics from Lidl (no, I don't have shares in Lidl) and they are very good for the basic kitchen vegetables etc. I can also buy small plants and seedlings from our local market which can work out quite reasonably as there is little waste - and little work!


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