Monday 11 March 2013

View from the kitchen window

With the weather having been so dismal recently I have had to do most of my admiring of plants from indoors, which is a shame because the Daffodils are just beginning to open. At least when we are standing at the kitchen sink we have something nice to look at. This is the view out onto the driveway where we park our cars. I have crammed the little flower-bed around the Crab Apple tree with loads of Daffodils and Irises.

I'll zoom-in a bit for you...

 Right next to our front door I have a flower-pot sunk into the shingle. This gives me the ability to quickly change the scenery - by putting into it a pot of whatever type of flower is in bloom at the time, like these little Tete a Tete daffodils:

This arrangement also conveniently allows me to bring the flowers indoors to be photographed rather than obliging me to stand outside in the rain while I do it!

Poor things - they look pretty bedraggled!

At least they had a few minutes inside under the warm lights.

Not all the Daffs are portable though. Around the garden I have several little clumps like this:

What I normally do is plant in the borders the bulbs that were grown in pots the previous year.


  1. That little bed is a real success - love it

  2. Your circle looks so colourful, that should definitely put a smile on your faces whenever you look out the window, or walk past.

  3. The daffodils and irises look lovely planted around the crab apple tree. I like the idea of the sunken pot too.

  4. Good idea. Important to have a nice view from the kitchen window while doing the dishes. My view is dreadful... which now I think about it is a good excuse for why I'm slack about doing the dishes.

  5. Over here just the primroses are in bloom; the daffodils are still all closed due to bad weather. Actally, looking out of my window, I can see it's snowing! Argh! When will Winter be over at last? Really desperate for some sunshine.
    Thanks for the inspiration with the sunken flower pot. Now, that I will copy! Thanks Mark. :)

  6. The bulbs around the tree are a triumph!

  7. Dispite the rain,the blooms do look cheerful!

  8. Beautiful flowers!
    The blue and yellow are so pretty together.
    I love the close-up of the daffodils with raindrops!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  9. I love daffodils and I like your idea of the sunken pot!

  10. A cheery sight on a horrible day - I think my daffs are suffering from narcolepsy.

  11. Wonderful photographs as usual I haven't had any flowers show yet saying that this snow isn't helping!

  12. I think the blooms around the base of the tree are excellent. The high winds are wreaking havoc with my Dafs at the moment.

  13. What a pleasant surprise. Daffy!
    I like the idea from the 3rd photo.

  14. I love to see the's such a boost after winter and gives hope for all that's to come.
    I remember having Tete a tete everywhere when we lived in Aberdeen and adored seeing them pop up!
    The pot sunk into the shingle is a brilliant idea. Think I might have to pinch that idea ;D
    You are just a big softy Mark...bringing them in for a warm! :D


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