Saturday 30 March 2013


I have pruned my Buddleia Davidii- again. I did prune it back in the Autumn, as described HERE, but I recently read an article in a magazine about how to prune Buddleias properly, and I decided that I had not done a good enough job. This is what the plant looked like after my first attempt in November:

The article I read advocated much harder pruning, so I have taken the plant down to this:

As I mentioned when I wrote about the first pruning episode, the plant got very top-heavy last year and keeled over. To counteract this I have put in a stout hardwood stake and I have strapped the Buddleia to it with a nylon tree-tie.

I have left in place the cuttings that I planted in November. They look as if they are alive all right, but I think it is best if I leave them to develop strong root systems before I attempt to re-locate them.

I should also mention that this is a good time of year for pruning shrubs - before they put on their new growth.


  1. They are also prolific self seeders - have you seen them growing in roof gutters? I have one trained as a tree that still needs pruning and it is certainly treat them hard!

  2. Wish I could grow it here too...but no such luck!

  3. I agree with you Mark it is a good time to prune- especially the buddleia. Pruning light as you did and then a harder pruning now is ideal this season. Some gardeners who pruned buddelia hard and early have lost their plants this year.( I am watching my own with some intrepidation). I guess with all those rooted cuttings you might even risk a harder prune next year. PS I have myself just posted today on pruning!

  4. Looks very smart. I always cut back the one we inherited here very hard - though like Roger I am a little worried that my early hard pruning and the tough winter may have done for it this year - time will tell!

  5. Pruning back that far takes a lot of courage!
    I am blessed to have a lot of space, so I have only pruned a little to keep my Buddleia in a pleasing shape - tall but not too wide. I have either "Nanho Blue' or 'Nanho Purple' - I forgot which one it is.
    Happy Easter!
    Lea's Menagerie

  6. We used to have a Buddleia in our Sussex garden and every year hubby would cut it down to ground level! Some years I could barely see where it was! It came back every time tho thick and gorgeous! x

  7. Looking at your pictures it seems that I have to be even harder with my pruning too - it's one of those plants that survives no matter what - thank goodness.

  8. Mid March, during a warmer spell, I cut back both my Buddleias. The weather turned colder after that and the leaves left on the bushes have turned grey and dry; I fear I have killed them. Yours look a healthy green.


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