Saturday 16 March 2013


Rhubarb is one of those "Love it or Hate it" things. Personally, I love it, and since nothing can compare to home-grown produce, I try to grow a bit of it. This year I have doubled my holding to four plants! Unfortunately they are in a rather less-than-ideal location which gets a lot less sun than they would like, but I'm afraid it's a case of Beggars can't be Choosers!

The first few leaves are just coming up now. As befits their name, the "Timperley Early" plants are furthest advanced:

This next photo is a bit blurry, because it was absolutely freezing when I took it (and blowing an icy gale of wind) and I was shivering uncontrollably! The lengths I go to, to get photos for this blog...!

My other plants are not so advanced. That little pink knob in the centre of the photo is a bud just poking through. The leaves come up inside a sort of sheath, which makes them streamlined and better able to push through the soil.

I have been trying to remember the name of my other plants - I think it is "Champagne", but I wouldn't stake my life on it. I bought them before I started my blog, otherwise I'm fairly sure I would have recorded it, and therefore would have been able to search for it automatically. Don't we rely on technology a lot these days?

Since there is not yet a lot of Rhubarb to see, I thought I would just chuck in this photo of the "Chernobyl" variety. This one is an F2, you know...

A couple of days later...


  1. I love rhubarb, I can't remember what I have though I know I have 3 different types. I still need to move them though from where they are at present.

  2. I bought a crown of Stockbridge Arrow last year which I've overwintered in the greenhouse, but it's destined for the plot.

  3. You could always plant some at the front of the house, why is it that whoever designed modern houses seemed to favour open plan with a large lawn and good sun, to a small back garden with less sun, or is that just my house? Anyway I'm thinking of sneaking some edible plants into the front and bit by bit reducing the useless lawn! I love Rhubarb too.

  4. Wow rhubarb already. I'm trying to remember when mine comes up in the spring, but I'm not sure. Maybe in May.

  5. Here rhubarb doesn't really die down in winter (not cold enough I guess) so although I guess it unfurls in much the same way you usually don't get to see it as the new leaves are hidden under the old ones.

  6. I don't envy your freezing conditions. We've just come through a very hot spell. I have just been contemplating growing some rhubarb. Not sure we'd use it much though - I'm not much of a dessert maker.

  7. Your dedication to your blog is endless Mark! I can almost taste that rhubarb crumble and homemade custard......(sigh)..... xxx

  8. What no sculptures? I'm not keen on the floppy pale pink forced variety sold in shops.

  9. I'm going to attempt my first ever batch of Rhubarb this year... I can't wait for the results (hoping it turns out well!)


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