Tuesday 19 March 2013


Plants are pretty resilient things, aren't they? Despite the severe weather conditions we have been experiencing, new growth is still appearing. "It's Spring, so this is when we put on new growth, come what may" they seem to say...

The Pear tree's buds are swelling nicely.

This tree had no fruit last year, so I am really hoping it will produce some this year. They say that trees under stress (e.g. because of too much or too little water, or too few nutrients) adopt a biennial fruiting habit, so I think this is what has happened to mine.

Looking closely at my Mint plants I see that they have lots of new little shoots coming up, mostly on the periphery of their pots, which tells me that it is time to divide and re-pot it - a task I do every year at about this time. Next weekend maybe??

Even the poor old Aquilegias which took a battering when my neighbour's new fence was built, are beginning to bounce back, thrusting up their leaves from under the concrete gravel-boards. I expect some of them will be appearing on the other side of the fence now too!

But when will I be able to sow some seeds with a reasonable expectation that they will develop well, without going leggy?? I'm fed up with planning. I want action!


  1. Our pears were doing well until the cold spell in April which seemed to cause it to abort its intentions to fruit.

    Our plums are definitely biennial but that is more to do with a bumper year followed by a rest - this year should be the bumper year - we will see.

  2. It is lovely to see the buds swelling. I am also hoping for a bumper crop this year.

  3. My Conference pear was rubbish last year and actually had some flowers in August!!! but my Commice had the most pears it has ever had !!

  4. Can you please explain a little bit more about dividing the mint? I just added some new compost to my potted mint and when I flipped out the plant I noticed that there were really thick roots going around in circles around the pot. Is it better to loosen these roots up? Thank you!

    1. You can find a complete explanation of the procedure I use in an article entitled "Dividing the Mint", from 22 Feb 2011, in my blog archive (accessed via my sidebar). I hope it helps.

    2. Thanks. Very helpful...I think I will try this once I start to see more new growth.

  5. I think I need to divide my mint too. Thanks Mark.

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  7. All sorts of sights that will be familiar in gardens round the country. And lots of emotions shared with people standing at the starting line and raring to go.


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