Friday, 1 September 2017

Images of September

With the glorious Bank Holiday behind us now, we move into September and start thinking about Autumn. I'm still hoping for more good weather though. September is often the best month of the year, and it's too soon to start worrying about frosts and such!

Some of my flowers have only just got going, like this Dahlia "Bishop of Llandaff", for instance. This is its first bloom:

Similarly, the Lobelia Cardinalis is only just beginning to take off. With its dark purple stems and brilliant scarlet flowers, its colour scheme is very similar to that Dahlia!

My Rudbeckia "Goldsturm", normally at its best in early September, has not been very impressive this year, but this is because I lifted it last Autumn and divided it into several smaller plants. These have been getting established and building up their strength this year (only 3 have flowered), and next year I expect I'll have a much better display.

The white Achillea (aka Yarrow) has done well though, putting up several tall flower-stems. They contrast very nicely with the dark leaves of the nearby Purple Sage.

The "Sunspot" Dwarf Sunflowers are all finished now. The biggest one grew to about half a metre tall. I have cut off the flower-head, and I aim to dry it. If the seeds look any good I'll keep a few for sowing next year; otherwise they'll be bird food.

A Sunflower of a different sort has made an appearance in the garden this week. It's a glass sunflower-shaped bird bath.

Jane won this thing in a competition. I have to say that's it's not something we would have chosen to buy! I don't know whether any birds will find it attractive (I think maybe its brightness could put them off), and I have visions of a succession of disappointed bees accidentally falling into the water!


  1. To help save any drowning bees, you can add twigs or stems so they can climb out, or you could fill the bowl with glass marbles which the bees can use to get at the water - tho' this may deter birds still more, of course

  2. Your flowers are looking wonderful and I really like the sunflower bird bath (although I can understand your concern). Still I would love one of those in my garden.

  3. Actually I like the looks of the birdbath while it is fresh and new, but it's going to be difficult to keep clean.

  4. That dahlia is a beauty - my one that I planted is finally flowering, although it looks like the slugs have been getting to it a bit.

    And that birdbath is a beauty! I'm looking forward to some pics of it being put to good use by our feathered friends.


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