Thursday, 7 September 2017

Rainbow veg

They say that for a healthy diet you should try to eat foods of many different colours, because they each have different nutrients. I think I will probably be healthy enough with these:-

This is what I picked today - carrots, beetroot, tomatoes and chillis.

The beetroot are "Cylindra" ones.

The chillis are a mixture of "Cayenne", "Aji Benito" and "Ring of Fire".

The carrots are also a mix of several different varieties. Most of them are nice and smooth and regular, but then there is this one:

I didn't pick these today, but I wanted to show them off in any case. They are "Ananas" tomatoes. The trio jointly weighed 1119g. The biggest one (front, left) was 425g.


  1. I always think about the colorful diet thing when I am bringing in supper. Deep purple beans, a handful of bright orange Sungold Tomatoes, a yellow summer squash, green cucumbers, a bright red bell pepper. Beautiful. Something not everyone gets to enjoy

  2. Your harvest looks lovely and beautiful pictures so looking forward to my spring harvest


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