Wednesday 30 March 2016

Transplanting Basil seedlings

Since I have never had much success with outdoor-grown Basil (lack of warm sunshine is to blame), I have taken to growing some in pots indoors on a windowsill, where it does quite well - especially since the windowsill has a central heating radiator right below it.

My plants normally last about a year before they lose their vigour and need replacing. Last month (Feb 13th) I sowed some Basil seeds ready for this years plants. I put about 20 seeds in a 6-inch pot, and when they germinated I thinned them out a bit, to give them enough room to develop properly.

Today I judged them ready for transplanting. Each seedling had at least one pair of proper leaves (i.e. discounting the cotyledons); some had a second pair just forming.

About an hour before transplanting I gave the seedlings a good drink. This makes it easier to move them with a fair bit of compost adhering to their roots, thus minimising transplant shock. Then (since I had 9 seedlings) I filled four 6-inch pots with fresh compost and moved the seedlings into them, two per pot:

Guess which one didn't make the grade? Yep the little "runt" seen at the left in the photo below...

These pots have now taken their place on the Dining-Room windowsill.

Meanwhile, this was the fate of the plants from last year - frozen cubes of pesto!


  1. Good idea to make the leftovers into pesto - although that would quickly get eaten in my kitchen! I've not had much luck with basil but will try a couple of pots on the balcony this year where it will hopefully be a steadier warmth for them. An Italian friends here in London always grows basil successfully on her balcony but maybe she has a magic touch!

  2. Basil is such a fragrant reminder of summer. It won't be long until it's time to sow some but mine are destined for the tomato beds.


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