Tuesday 8 March 2016

Things are popping up all over the place!

Despite the relapse to Wintery weather last week, perennial plants are coming up all over my garden. It takes a lot to stop some of these things - Wild Garlic, for instance...

I've seen a few of the Snakeshead Fritillaries too, though they are still small, and many of their leaves have been nibbled by something or other:

Down at the bottom of the garden, a few of the distinctive arrowhead-shaped leaves of the herb Good King Henry are visible now:

In the Autumn I planted a whole pile of leftover tiny Tulip bulbs which were at the "Use it or Lose it" stage. I didn't have room to put them in pots, so I decided to just plonk them in the ground and hope for the best. I don't expect them to do particularly well, but they look reasonably promising.

The patch of Crocosmia has sprung into life as well., with lots of little green shoots showing.

This is my "September Charm" Japanese Anemone. The parent plant is at the left, and you can see a line of little plantlets following the line of the edging of the border. This is a plant that is going to have to be robustly constrained! It will have to vie for space with the nearby Lysimachia, which by all accounts is another thug.

I'm away from home at present, for work purposes, so I probably won't be posting again for a day or two. When I do get home I will be sowing my chilli seeds ASAP!


  1. I can vouch for Lysimachia being a thug - we dig ours up,

  2. Hurray for signs of spring! We are going to have an absolutely balmy day today (18C!), so I'll be outside looking for any green that's starting to peak out too.


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