Saturday 26 March 2016

Another raised bed finished

The weather yesterday was perfect for "garden engineering" - dry, sunny and still. I used the opportunity to get another raised bed done.

This one was particularly difficult to build. For some reason I found it very hard to get it level. Thank Goodness for my trusty spirit-level! I think the problem may have been due to the fact that the surrounding soil is heavily matted with fibrous roots from my next-door neighbour's massive Leylandii Cypress tree.

I now have four of the new-style deep beds. Only two more to go...!

I took up the Purple Sprouting Broccoli plants that had been in this bed:

They yielded quite a nice final harvest - enough for two meals for the two of us, I think.

The old-style beds look very poor in contrast to the new ones. The two that remain are in pretty poor shape. The wood is rotten and falling apart. Using some scrap wood, I made a temporary repair to the end of this one:

They will just have to wait until next year though, because I don't think I have the energy or motivation to do any more of this type of work just now. And anyway, I really need to get on and prepare the beds for sowing and planting. The latest new bed is going to be used for salads this year.

This morning the weather had completely changed, and the forecast is for more and heavier rain - plus wind - over the next few days, so I was out in the garden early this morning, laying shingle around the new bed, before it got too unpleasant to work outdoors.

Shingle like this stops the gaps between the beds getting muddy, while at the same time allowing rain to penetrate down into the soil, which paving-stones don't do.

If you're wondering what is under those bell cloches, it's Radicchio - still pathetically small. It will be coming up soon, so that I can prepare that bed for growing Cabbages.


  1. These new beds are lovely. I can only imagine how difficult they must be to build.

  2. Looks good! Raised beds are definitely a time & energy draining endeavor, but so very worth it in the end. You will get many good years of use - and many delicious meals - out of those.

  3. Your new beds look great, much more sturdy than the old ones. They will look even better when they are overflowing with veggies!

    1. Yes, I'm very happy with them, as long as they last a few years.

  4. The new ones do look like an improvement over the old ones. It is good you were able to shore up the old bed and get another year out of it. I waited too long on my cold frame and I had to replace it this year.

  5. Looks very good, I especially like the idea of being able to sit on the edge.

  6. I just love how tidy your garden looks, it's been an inspiration for mine!


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