Monday 14 March 2016

Harvest Monday - 14 March 2016

Where would I be without PSB? Well, I wouldn't be contributing to Harvest Monday, that's for sure. After starting much earlier than usual, my PSB has continued to produce spears at a nice steady rate, giving us approximately one batch a week, which suits us just fine.

In my opinion, Purple Sprouting Broccoli has excellent VSR (Value for Space Rating). It's expensive to buy, and bought PSB is never very special - usually limp even before you get it home. Growing PSB ties up space in the garden for a long while (approx. 10 months), but I always reckon it's worth it.

This week I also have some Brokali spears to show off.

These will be the last ones, because I have now pulled up the plants. I don't think I will grow this vegetable again, because it seems to be less good than PSB or Kale, whilst pretending to be both!

I don't usually put forward herbs for Harvest Monday, because we use little quantities of them so often and therefore tend to take them for granted, but in order to give some relief from endless mentions of PSB, here is a pic of some Rosemary that I used in my Sicilian Sausage dish last Friday:

When using Rosemary in a dish I usually chop it very finely because the leaves are pretty tough and can be unpleasant if left whole. The double-bladed "mezzaluna" or "hachoire" comes in very handy for this.

I'm linking as usual to Harvest Monday, hosted by Dave at Our Happy Acres.


  1. We are trying white sprouting broccoli next year.

  2. Beautiful PSB, as usual. We went without rosemary last year as I failed to purchase a replacement for the one that succumbed the previous winter. I've definitely missed it and it's at the top of my list for purchase this year.

  3. What variety of PSB did you grow Mark? Ours gave us spears early winter, much too early.

    1. I had one plant each of Rudolph, Red Spear and Early Purple Sprouting. Mine also starting cropping much earlier than usual.

  4. I've yet to have any spears from mine but they are looking healthy so fingers crossed. Your plants have certainly cropped well for you.


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